Collection: Standard Wooden Flags

Old Glory is the gold standard in our wooden flag craftsmanship. This flag is intended for the most traditional patriot. Old Glory is made of premium #2 yellow pine and #1 clear radiata pine and displays all 50 stars in her original red, white and blue colors. This design is super clean and very sharp, completed with a distinctive fire charred look plus a clear coat polyacrylic finish for an extended durability. 

The rustic American Flag is a clean version of our traditional flag. Adding a little charm to your home, office, or favorite bar. This flag is the ultimate way to show your patriotism for our great country.

Our wood flags are hand made and pieced together utilizing the unique grains of the wood. Every flag is cut, stained and charred to give each flag its own characteristic. The flag is then put on our press table and assembled together. Once the flag has been in the press and is ready, it is then moved to our CNC or laser for final details. When the flag has finished in the CNC or laser, it is then taken to our spray room for its final step of a beautiful clear coat shine. Each flag can be customized.

  • Handmade in North Carolina by First Responders/Veteran
  • Heavy duty D-rings are attached on the back for immediate out of the box hanging
  • Sealed with polyacrylic and/or spar urethane on both sides for added sealing

Each flag is made to order and will be handcrafted with the highest level of quality as our top priority. Our goal is to have a 2-4 week or less turnaround time for each order. However, if order volumes are high please allow for a 5-7 week lead time after placing your order.