Here at Turbo's Sawdust Shop

Here at Turbo's Sawdust LLC, we take pride in our products. We produce high quality hand made rustic wood American Flags, signs, and other availible custom products. We strive to make every piece special for you because every piece we create is special to us.

Turbo's Sawdust LLC is founded by a third generation wood worker, firefighter, Army Veteran, and paramedic. We stand by supporting our First Responders, Active Duty, and Veterans.

All of our products are handcrafted right here in Willard, North Carolina. Other items can be purchased such as glass, cups, tumblers, jewelry, plaques, signs, and flags.

Standard Wooden Flags

Old Glory is the gold standard in our wooden flag craftsmanship. This flag is... 

Our "Why" Is Way Better

Dedication and Motivation

The team behind our products are an active Paramedic and retired firefighter. We also have a honorably discharged U.S. Veteran who take pride in their work.

These same patriotic heros who have already given so much of themselves are eager to give a bit more by representing our country's patriotic values and traditions. Even if you support USA patriotism, it's real life military or first responder heros, you are also supporting the tradesmen whose same hands have helped and saved someones life and yet those same hands created your beautifully designed and masterfully made wooden flag.

Layered Hunting Animals

Layered Items

These unique layered displays are made from multiple layers of wood and... 

  • "Michael & Nicole do great work! They take the time to do quality work at a reasonable price. Their work reflects great pride in what they do. Highly recommend!"

    --Amelia Baysden--

  • "The craftsmanship of the product was so carefully done and I know the time spent on it was so very thought out. I am so glad I was referred to them. I am very pleased with the work and I definitely will go back to them in the future"

    --Donna Hunt--

  • "I can’t say enough good things about the craftsmanship of these flags. My business honors the men and women who serve across military professions as well as first response. Michael custom made two flags for me. His attention to detail and passion for what he builds is very unique and special. He special mixed colors to make the right shade of green, blue, and red for my flags. He paid pristine attention to the placement and size of the stripes and the stars. And the wood itself is thick and heavy, a sign of an excellent product. He also sent them to me via the mail. The way that they were packaged was with excellent care to ensure they would not be harmed. There was no way these flags were going to get scratched or nicked during delivery based on how well these flags were wrapped. You can tell Michael is passionate towards woodworking and to customer service. Thank you Michael, you make an outstanding product."

    --Sean Claire--

  • "Awesome quality! The flags are extremely well made with such attention to detail, will definitely buy more in the future!"

    --Manuel Rojas--